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On The Forum

A formal 15 year old user at SMWC for 4 years. He was Zadrave before, but now he is the legendary Arceus. Arceus can spam at times, but once you get to know him, he can be a nice guy. He can get along with others easily. He will start releasing hacks soon, he promises. If anyone needs help with anything in general, just ask him. Arceus can be found on the SMWCentral forums and the IRC channel.

Arceus' Profile

In The Game (By the way, you just lost.)

A picture of Arceus and his different plate variants.

Arceus, as you may have guessed, is a Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. You have to get the Azure Flute from an event and use it at Spear Pillar. A staircase will appear and you will meet Arceus to battle on Sky Pillar. Arceus has the Multitype ability, which allows him to change types depending on which plate you give him.

OldWarld Arceuspeek

This is a very old version of Amospeak that Arceus still uses today. back then, noobs did not know how to use carrots and colons, so instead, Arceus uses brackets and equal signs. Arceus also tends to say old English words in replace of what Amos usually says. here are some examples:

=[]= = arceusad/sadface =][= = gladeus/gladface ]=] = cheekyface ]=[ = madeus/madface.

Back then, there was no fis, so there were no smileys for that.

Bleep = Highlighted/alerted (Possible reference to the GameBoy's beeping sounds?)

I say. )=} = when being sword at or see a swear word.

There are many other versions of this, but this is the basic things Arceus will say. They can easily be translated back to Amospeak if needed.

Current Status

He's... just being bored.

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